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Adjourn Magazine-For Lawyers Who Love to Dine & Travel
BizTravelersChoice Magazine-Travel for the upscale business traveler, and meeting planner.

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Adjourn Magazine (circ. 81,000) and BizTravelersChoice Magazine formerly First Class Executive Traveler (circ. 54,000) are two no-advertising periodicals published by NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS TRAVEL AGENTS. NABTA is a group of travel agents who provide service to upscale business travelers, meeting planners and lawyers. We also publish biztravelerschoice.com, a list of personally evaluated and recommended worldwide hotels & restaurants that is distributed to our member travel agents, and meeting planners.

Since we sell no advertising, our revenue is derived solely from subscriptions and memberships. Our readers pay a handsome price-and they have, and are entitled to, high expectations for accurate and truthful reporting on hotels, restaurants and other travel facilities to which they might avail themselves. Our no-advertising policy endows us with the freedom to fulfill those expectations with integrity and professionalism. We visit, inspect and evaluate an establishment-then we publish the truth about it. We evaluate a product and/or service-then we publish the truth about the subject of our evaluation.

Our staff is composed of professional travel writers, each of whom has personally visited and evaluated hundreds of destinations and hospitality facilities. For example, our travel editors and evaluators, Stuart J. Faber, Cheryl Wilson and Arthur Reynolds combined have visited over 90 countries. Each spends an average of 100 out-of-town night's annually experiencing hotels, restaurants, destinations and transportation services.

In addition, we have editors who are experienced evaluators of business, travel & sports products such as computers, luggage, golf equipment and automobiles.

Every week, we receive scores of pitches: press releases, press kits or requests to interview a CEO. This is usually followed with, "When can we expect to see an article about us?"

We haven't figured out a method of imparting to our readers the flavor and texture of a soufflé, the competence of a hotel staff person, the cleanliness or comfort of a guestroom, the charm and safety of a city, the quality of an automobile or computer or the balance of a golf club from a press kit. Nevertheless, we receive countless requests to sing the praises of these products and services from the mere perusal of a sheet of paper, a look at a DVD or an interview with a CEO.

By the way, we have never seen a piece of promo material that has disclosed anything negative about its subject. So it is reasonable to conclude that sender of this promotional material expects us to merely copy and paste this self-serving fluff at face value and publish it as original material written by our staff. Perhaps the hotel or restaurant depicted in the material is as good as described. But in many cases, the hotel or restaurant, when we visit it, does not live up to the promotional panegyric.

We love to receive your press material. It alerts us to your product. But ask yourself: In your personal or family travel or dining decision-making process, would you rely on a review of a hotel or restaurant where the reviewer never visited the place but merely copied some stuff from a press kit? Neither would our subscribers and members.


1. We don't write about hotels unless we stay in them for at least two nights.

2. We don't write about restaurants unless we sample a vast array of their culinary offerings.

3. We don't showcase chefs or hospitality personalities unless we spend on-the-job time with them.

4.We don't write about airlines, automobiles, computers, sports equipment & attire or other travel and business related products unless we personally test and/or experience them.

5. We don't write about destinations unless we visit them.

And, even after we sample any of the above, unless we conclude that they are of superior quality, we don't write about them.


Descriptions of Publications

Adjourn Magazine, founded in 1981, is a 4-color, 12- page magazine which is published four times yearly. It is distributed primarily to California lawyers and judges in conjunction with sales of legal publications which are published by our former Lega-Books division.

BizTravelersChoice Magazine, formerly FIRST CLASS EXECUTIVE TRAVEL MAGAZINE, founded in 1975, is a 4-color, 12- page magazine distributed four times yearly to member agents, corporate travel planners and executive travelers nationwide.

Both magazines feature evaluations and reviews of hotels, restaurants, airlines, destinations, travel products & services, plus articles of general interest to the upscale executive. Selected articles are often published simultaneously in both magazines. In order to maintain our independence and ability to provide accurate and truthful reviews and evaluations, we do not accept advertising in either publication.

A WORD ABOUT INFLIGHTUSA: Stuart J. Faber, our editor, is an avid general aviation pilot. He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Over the years, he has flown his own aircraft to hundreds of destinations.
InflightUSA is a monthly tabloid size magazine (neither owned nor published by us) which is distributed to over 40,000 general aviation pilots. For over 15 years, Faber has been writing a monthly column in this publication entitled FLYING WITH FABER. This extremely popular column showcases the destination, several surrounding airports, hotels, restaurants and attractions. Often, Faber researches material for this column while on assignment for ADJOURN MAGAZINE and/or BizTravelersChoice Magazine, then simultaneously features the destination in one or all three of the publications.



1. LET'S VISIT THE MIDWEST. Best upscale hotels & restaurants in selected Midwest cities. Outdoor activities. Top chefs.

2. EXPLORING SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS. Historic sites. Best diving destinations. New luxury resorts. Fishing and water sports.

3. WE LOVE MANHATTAN . You couldn't keep us away. The cream of the upscale hotels. New super-chefs. International and neighborhood restaurants.

4. LET'S RESORT TO A MEETING. Plush U.S., Asian and European resorts. Best golf and ski destination resorts.

5. FLY-IN DESTINATIONS. Where to fly your private plane for a fabulous weekend. Undiscovered destinations.

6. LET'S GO FISHING. We visit and report on great fishing spots from Alaska to South America.


7. OUTDOOR MEETINGS & FUN. Exploring America's few remaining wilderness destinations. Hunting & fishing lodges. Boundary water trips.

8. LET'S VISIT ASIA. Best upscale hotels & restaurants in Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul. Hotels suitable for high level meetings for up to 40 participants. Best airlines to Asia.

9. PARIS & LONDON. Best airlines from U.S. to London & Paris. New hotel discoveries, large and boutique. Business expansion. Branch offices in these cities. Best airlines to Europe.

10. EXPLORE EASTERN EUROPE. From Albania to Russia, we showcase these exotic countries.

11. PET FRIENDLY HOTELS & RESORTS. Many upscale hotels are realizing the economic benefits of catering to guests and their pooches. Some hotels provide special check-in amenities for the pooch. We report on the best pet-friendly properties.

12. RATING THE AIRLINES. We fly 'em-we rate 'em. Comprehensive evaluations of cabin service, in-flight cuisine, 1st class and biz class perks, personnel attitude, on-time service, baggage retrieval.


13. AMERICA'S GREATEST SECOND TIER CITIES. Attractive mid-size American cities & rural areas suitable for both small meetings and leisure travel. The heartland's best kept secrets. Destinations you haven't visited, but should.

14. TRAVEL PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Laptops, travel clocks, luggage, automobiles, plus sports equipment & clothing. We test them and report to you.

15. BEST HOTEL SPAS. We visit and evaluate the best.

16. LET'S ROUGH IT. Survival trips to the wilderness. Polar bear expeditions. Fun, teamwork and character building trips for execs. Eco-travel. Hunting & fishing destinations. Alaska adventures.
17. "WE WORK FOR FOOD." Food editor, Stuart J. Faber, works side-by-side with talented chefs, some famous, some soon-to-be famous. Faber will do anything from peeling potatoes to making sauces at the chef's direction. Faber and the chef savour their creations and Faber writes about the experience.


18. AMERICA'S BEST LARGE CITIES. Best cities for business and leisure travel. From San Francisco to Miami. Which cities have been restored? Which cities should you avoid? Best airlines to these destinations.

19. CARIBBEAN DESTINATIONS. Flying to the Caribbean. Favorite destinations. Best resorts. Caribbean cuisine.

20. CRUISING FOR MEETINGS & PLEASURE. New ships. Exotic destinations. Nature cruises. Meetings and leisure.

21. THE EXECUTIVE IN THE KITCHEN. A proven method of relaxing and stress reduction for the busy business traveler or professional. How to get started. Equipment, cookbooks and services to acquire.

22. DINING AROUND CALIFORNIA. Leading restaurants from San Diego to the Napa wine country. Undiscovered chefs. Discovering great California wines.

23. WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T GET A GREAT MEAL IN A HOTEL? Some hotel operators have finally realized that guests will flock to their doors if hotel dining rooms will serve sensible cuisine at reasonable prices. We will feature some of those dining rooms.


24. AMERICA'S UNDISCOVERED CHEFS. Their names may not be well known, but the quality of their culinary creations is as good as the best. Where, and who are they?

25. IN SEARCH OF THE ULTIMATE STEAK. It may look easy, but it takes superior beef and a deft hand to prepare a superb steak. We have discovered where you can get the best.

26. BEST HOTELS & RESTAURANTS IN EUROPE. Reviews of upscale hotels, resorts & restaurants in major cities and in the countryside.

27. LET'S VISIT SOUTHEAST ASIA. Where to go to experience exotic cultures, enjoy new adventures and sample extraordinary cuisine.

28. FLY-IN DESTINATIONS. New places to explore for private pilots. Exciting resorts and lodges. Hidden beaches. Hunting & fishing spots.

29. WORLD'S GREATEST UPSCALE CRUISES. We evaluate and report on the best cruises.

30. DOG-FRIENDLY HOTELS & RESORTS. Savvy hotel operators realize that many couples whose kids have left the nest are now traveling with their dogs. And many report that dogs do less (or no) damage than kids. We have reports on classy resorts that welcome the pooch, provide them with snacks and a host of amenities. Aunt Bea, Faber's lab-pit, and Clara Belle, the clown-pit, have accompanied Faber to top hotels worldwide.


31. LET'S VISIT EUROPE-NEW DISCOVERIES. World class hotels and restaurants. Rome & Tuscany. Country cafes and inns. A visit to some legendary wineries.

32. RATING THE AIRLINES. We fly 'em-we rate 'em. Comprehensive evaluations of cabin service, in-flight cuisine, 1st class and biz class perks, personnel attitude, on-time service, baggage retrieval.

33. PLACES YOU HAVEN'T VISITED, BUT SHOULD. Ongoing column of Faber's favorite major and secondary cities, out-of-the-way destinations, plus his favorite hotels & restaurants worldwide.

34. SECRET DESTINATIONS. Fabulous places around the world you may not know – but should. America's rural destinations.

35. TRAVEL & SPORTS PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Luggage, automobiles, computers, software, clothing and other product and services of interest to the business traveler. Golf equipment.

Editor-in-Chief…………………………………………Stuart J. Faber
Hotel & Restaurant Editor, Adjourn……………… Cheryl Wilson
Hotel & Restaurant Editor, BTC………….. …… Stuart J. Faber
Destination Editor.………………………………… Arthur Reynolds
Products & Services Editor…………………………Stuart J. Faber
Aviation Editor……………………………………… Stuart J. Faber
Wine & Food…………………………………………..G. Richard Green
Fashion & Spa Editor……………………………….Cheryl Wilson
Pooches in Residence…………………………………Aunt Bea & Clara Belle

For more information, contact stuartfaber88@yahoo.com or wilson.ca@sbcglobal.net


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